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And you will go to Mykonos With a vision of a gentle coast And a sun to maybe dissipate Shadows of the mess you made Brother you don’t need to turn me away I was waiting down at the ancient gate You go Wherever you go today You go today

We’ve got plenty of time. I couldn’t be so eager and so confident at the same time. If I’ve waited six months, there’s no rush now. Waiting is always rewarded. Patience is the new special.

Lo mejor del Primavera, con diferencia. Nuevo grupo favorito candidato a ser la banda sonora de incontables momentos.

The Antlers


Feliz navidad.

I’ll be anything you ask and more.

You walk up thin blue lines; and I see through small red eyes; glowing still. I’ll wait you there. I’ll wait you there. Uno de los mejores temas jamás creados.



Nuevo proyecto musical que empieza a dar sus frutos y del que pronto espero que salga algo que poder mostrar. Rock limpio y elegante con tintes electrónicos y con etapas de ruido desbocado y guitarras explosivas. Arcade Fire meets Sonic Youth meets Phoenix meets Wolf Parade. Pronto más y mejor. Foto por Alex Sarda FF.

Skinny Love II


Good feelings. Lite brasieres.

Skinny Love


Come on skinny love, just last the year pour a little salt, we were never here… Staring at the sink of blood and crushed veneer. Tell my love to wreck it all, cut off all the ropes and let me fall. Right in this moment this order’s tall. Come on skinny love, what happened here […]

Foto por Álex Sardà FF